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How To Approach Targeting With Your Display Advertisements.

First, we have to understand what Display Advertising is. Google ads are here to “help you reach customers at all points of the buying cycle, from discovery to purchase” based on what Google Ads said on their YouTube Channel.

To be successful with display advertising, I recommend you do the following.

  • Make sure you understand where you want to target. Either that being the 18-49 demographic, maybe older, maybe younger!
  • Once you make that selection, you have to understand your customer. What do they want with your product/service? Ask yourself, “do I think they will spread the word about my business to others?” Good or bad is always useful if your customers use word of mouth advertising to promote your business.
  • You want to use data, like graphs, tables, spreadsheets, etc. to draw people back to your website. The goal is to keep getting more clicks that turn into conversions!
  • Engage in automated bidding to help you meet return on investment. To learn more about how to set that up check out this video on Automated Bidding. This will help maximize conversions by using automation.
  • Upload different sized images. This may sound weird but you want to grasp the attention of your audience visiting your site. Use creative and colorful material that represents your site well, but do not go overboard.

Creating your first Google Ads Display Campaign can be tricky but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have customers pouring into your site. The best part about Google Ads Display Campaigns is it gives everyone, even people who have no particular interest in your business a reason to check it out and possibly buy from you!

If you want a more in-depth understanding on how to create a Google Ads Display Campaign, check out this article from Antoni Saurina.

Linked below is a great video tutorial on how to create your very own Google Ads Display Advertisement.

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