A Beginners Guide To Keyword Research

What Is Keyword Research? Keyword Research helps to provide you with specific search data that will help you answer questions like: What are people searching for? How many people are searching for it? In what format do they want that information? We need to hit the breaks here! Before you go into depth on how […]


What is Offsite SEO?

What Really is Offsite SEO? Offsite SEO, otherwise known as “Off-Page SEO,” is actions taken outside of your website to increase your sites ranking within search engine results page (SERP). The diagram above are examples of how Offsite SEO is done, through blogs, forums, directories, and more! I will be pointing out key facts from […]


What is Onsite SEO?

What really is Onsite SEO? On-Page SEO, otherwise known as Onsite SEO regards optimizing elements on a website to get your site to gain more relevant traffic from search engines alike, this is according to MOZ. Onsite SEO also optimizes the content on the page as well as your HTML code. The ultimate goal of […]


Google Ads – Paid Search

What is Paid Search? Lets say you type something into Google, for instance, “SEO” Google will give you a list of results right away, and digital marketers refer this to a term called SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If you want to learn more about SERP and why it is important, head over to this […]


Google Ads – Display Advertising

How To Approach Targeting With Your Display Advertisements. First, we have to understand what Display Advertising is. Google ads are here to “help you reach customers at all points of the buying cycle, from discovery to purchase” based on what Google Ads said on their YouTube Channel. To be successful with display advertising, I recommend […]